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Traditional Celebration, Modern Flair

Many cultures have lively wedding traditions, but Indian weddings are truly special. An Indian wedding isn't a quick ceremony and a party. It's filled with rituals and festivities that can last for days. With the best Indian wedding venues in Los Angeles, L.A. Banquets has helped many couples who have Indian roots to celebrate their union. From mehndhi to sangeet to saptapadi and beyond, we know how to plan a fantastic ceremony for Indian brides, grooms, and their families. We invite you to have your Indian weddings with L.A. Banquets!

Of course, you want to spare no expense for the bride and groom, but everyone has a limited budget. We understand that affordable does not mean cheap and we'll help you find ways to keep the wedding inexpensive without sacrificing appearance or style. Your guests will party in lavish surroundings and enjoy outstanding food, and only you'll know how affordable it was.

White Dance floor Interior of Glenoaks Banquet Hall in Glendale CA


Capacity: 200-850

L.A. Banquet's newest venue is located in scenic Mission Hills boldly featuring rich, traditional aesthetic combined with contemporary, cutting-edge sophistication to transform any function flawlessly.

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Indian Weddings

A Venue for Every Step

Start by having mehndhi at one of our cozier venues while you sip lassis, relax, and talk while crafting beautiful henna body art for the bride.

Looking for an Indian Caterer? Choose from one of our preferred caterers. Want to bring your own caterer? We allow outside catering in all our venues.

On the night before the wedding ceremony you can throw a sangeet to remember, next door at our Legacy, or Brandview Ballrooms.

  • More guests. Our bigger venues can accommodate a large number of guests, and we can provide specialty lighting, video, and audiovisual to compliment your celebration.
  • Live performances. Our larger venues also have stages for showcasing performances from your family members, and they have dance floors so that friends and family can dance the night away.

On the wedding day, we'll set up a traditional mandap for the ceremony in any of our venues. We'll help you set the right mood to highlight the four essential principles of the Hindu marriage:

  1. Dharma. The couple's duty to society, family, and one another.
  2. Artha. Providing for the family's material needs.
  3. Kana. The principle of unconditional love.
  4. Moksha. Striving toward enlightenment.

Then, after the couple takes the saptapadi steps, committing to think not only of themselves but also the entire family's well being in all things, everyone in attendance can celebrate their unity as husband and wife.

After the Wedding

We'll set up family-style tables for all of your guests, and either our catering partners or your preferred vendors can serve a traditional Indian meal.

  • Party hearty after dinner. After the meal, your guests can dance the night away with either live music or a DJ. You can use tray passed service to keep passing out hors d'oeuvres and drinks, or you can choose a venue like the Brandview Ballroom that has a fully stocked cocktail bar.
  • Saying goodbye in style. On the day after the wedding, host a casual parting luncheon or breakfast buffet for the families and other celebrants. You can stick with the big venue for your luncheon, or move it to one of our smaller locations.

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L.A. Banquets is there for you from the beginning of the celebration all the way to the end. During the planning stages, we pair you with an experienced event consultant who can help you manage the details, book all of the needed venues, and coordinate your catering, decorating, and other event planning needs.

Once you start working with us, you'll see why L.A. Banquets is your best partner for an unforgettable Indian wedding celebration. Contact us today to start preparing for one of your life's most important events.

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Recommended: 50 Guests Minimum